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Check out my latest manuscript where we explore the relationships between stress, estradiol, and the bacterial composition of the vaginal microbiome in a cohort of black adolescent women.

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Did you know diverse kinds of bacteria inhabit your body and are present in high number? These bacteria live in harmony with us and help to protect against disease. We don’t know exactly how they accomplish this. Would you be interested in helping us figure this out? 

If so and if you are between the ages of 18 and 45, then we are looking for you!

Participants must be wiling to perform a simple, rapid, self-administered procedure similar to inserting and removing a tampon to collect vaginal fluids. Moreover, participants must not have an IUD. Time required for participation is roughly 15-30 minutes. 

Please contact the Forney Research Group, lforney.lab@gmail.comfor more details and to enroll.

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